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We care for the health and well-being of our clients. We offer plans that focuses on individuals, families, and employees. Our plans include private, group and voluntary benefits. These products has access to the doctors and hospitals you know and trust.

Individual and Group Health
Voluntary Benefits

Life and Annuity

A consumer can deposit money (premiums) with an insurance company so that it can grow tax-deferred and accrue interest, with the understanding that the insurance company will thereafter make a series of payments to the customer at regular intervals.

Whole Life
Index Universal Life Term
Final Expense
Fixed Index Annuity

Auxiliary Services

At i4 Global Inc, we offer auxiliary products that supports an individual, family or a business financial plan. We offer produts and services such as Living Trust, Employee Retention Tax Credit, Life Settlement, Student Loan Debt Elimination, Business Funding, Franchise, Mergers and Acquisitions.

Estate Planning
Life Settlement
Business Funding, Franchise Mergers, and Acquisitions
Business Funding, Franchise Mergers, and Acquisitions
Student Loan Debt Elimination

Property and Casualty

Property and casualty insurance is essential protection for both individuals and businesses. It protects against losses caused by a wide range of risks, such as fire, theft, accidents, and natural disasters. i4 Global offers solutions to assist businesses in proactively managing their property and casualty risks and ensuring they are adequately insured. Our experienced professionals can assist you in identifying and assessing potential risks, developing risk-mitigation strategies, and developing a customized insurance plan to meet your specific needs. We also offer ongoing assistance to help you manage your policy and ensure that you are covered in the event of an incident. With our assistance, you can be confident that your property and casualty insurance will provide the necessary protection.

General Liability
Worker’s Compensation

Strategic Alliances

Student Loan Debt Elimination

Forex / Stock / Crypto Trading

Estate Planning – Living Trust

P&C (Commercial Only)

Medicare / Group Health

Voluntary Benefits

Alternative Asset Investment